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Posted by Made In Utica on Wednesday, August 16, 2017

What to know about recycling in Utica

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Recyclables set out for public collection shall be set at curbside at such times, dates and pickup points as determined by the commissioner.

We recently got on a recycling kick while filming CHARL-E for our upcoming showing of WALL-E, this Saturday in Franklin Square. I don’t mean that we just recently discovered recycling, I mean I just thought to google about recycling Utica.

I’m of the mindset that it’s 2017 and we should be recycling everything. We should literally just make things out of other things. We should avoid producing materials that can’t be reused for another purpose.

Why even have trash? I understand the simple logic that there will be trash but have you ever really stopped to think how much recyclable or reusable things you are shoving into a blue garbage bag? One you paid for…

The solid waste user fee

  • For a large bag 32 gal: $1.55 each.
  • For a small bag 15 gal: $0.95 each.

Tips to save money and the environment at the same time.

  1. Make sure you separate bag from bin

    Each person shall provide for the separation of recyclables from other solid waste in a suitable container as authorized by law. What constitutes recyclables and the particular requirements for separation shall be as determined by the commissioner. Recyclables may not be deposited in the city refuse bag for public collection or otherwise except in accordance with this article, other applicable law or with written permission of the commissioner setting forth the specific means by which recyclables may be handled.

  2. As soon as you put recycling on your curb the city gets your empty cans you were too lazy to return, if they wanted.

    From the time the recyclable materials are placed at the curb by resident for public collection, such recyclable materials shall become the property of the city or its authorized collection agent. It is unlawful for any person without authority from the city to pick over, disturb, collect, pick up, remove or cause to be collected, picked up or removed any recyclable materials set out for curbside collection. Each such collection, picking up or removal from one or more premises shall constitute a separate and distinct offense. Persons may dispose of their recyclables by selling same to authorized recyclers or by donating the same to recyclers, but these recyclables may not be picked up at curbside.

  3. Don’t put your recyclables a few neighborhoods over because you forgot what day it was.

    Only those persons using the public collection system for solid waste may use public collection for recyclables. It shall be unlawful for any person to deposit for public collection any recyclable not produced at the address from which collection is made or bring out recyclables into the city or from one address to another within the city for the purpose of taking advantage of the public collection service.

  4. Use of city container required, sort of. (I use any bin, plus people steal them)

    Except where otherwise specifically authorized in writing by the commissioner, no person shall place any recyclables at curbside for public collection in any receptacle other than the city recycling container. No person shall deposit or permit the deposit of any material other than recyclables in the recycling container.

  5. Preparation of recyclables.

  • Prior to placing in the recycling container, glass containers shall be rinsed so that there is no liquid or solid residue.
  • Clear, green and amber glass containers only may be put in the recycling container. Lids shall be removed but labels do not need to be removed.
  • Broken glass, window glass, windshields, drinking glasses, red glass and blue glass may not be placed in the recycling container but must be placed in the city refuse bag.
  • Newspapers shall be securely tied with string or twine and placed in, atop or next to the recycling container. No magazines, catalogs, books or periodicals may be placed in the recycling container.
  • As other materials become a designated recyclable, they shall be prepared and set out in the manner as determined by the commissioner.

Codes and regulations sourced from here

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