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Rant & Rave: Terrible Dog Owners

Rant & Rave: Terrible Dog Owners

RANT: Dog owners who think it’s okay to EUTHANIZE their dog

I’ve been considering getting a dog. By that, I mean I’ve been stalking every shelter/rescue organization in the area. Yesterday, Adirondack Save-A-Stray out by Glens Falls posted a photo of a dog, possible shepherd/lab mix, whose family is planning on having him euthanized. What! Apparently he “loves his family and is very loyal” but had an altercation in the home with another dog. The shelter can’t keep him because his bite quarantine conflicts with insurance policy (different rant for a different day). The shelter is doing the good work of trying to find him a new home. But to this family: Shame on you.

It’s bad enough when a pet owner changes their mind and returns a pet to a shelter. But to resort to euthanizing an animal because you don’t know how to handle him is the lowest of the low. A pet is an obligation, a promise that you are breaking. You suck.

Someone help get Good Boy Zeus a new home. At the very least, head over to the Adirondack Save-A-Stray page and share the story.

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