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Feeling liberated with In Bloom Yoga

I just recently moved to the Utica area, and as a yogi, naturally the first thing I did was seek out yoga classes.

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I was thrilled to find out about Yoga in the Square, who doesn’t love to do yoga outside? Especially when it’s free! I was able to make it to the second class, and let me tell you, it was amazing. The energy between those alley walls was so powerful. The flow was energizing and challenging, providing a safe space for anyone from beginners to advanced practitioners.

I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Sara Miller after class. I inquired about the yoga community and studios in this area and let her know what I was looking for. After talking for a while she recommended that I check out In Bloom Yoga studio. As someone who is always looking to explore new styles of teaching and practices, In Bloom sounded right up my alley.

For a brief backstory on myself, I went to Costa Rica for a month in the Fall of 2015 for my Yoga Teacher Training. I have been traveling ever since, teaching classes here and there, learning different styles of yoga native to certain areas, and deepening my own personal practice and knowledge of yoga.

I just recently started a membership at In Bloom Yoga and couldn’t wait to attend my first class. Unfortunately because of the flooding, classes were cancelled for a few days.

However, I was able to attend the pop up yoga class they hosted in Clinton Square on Tuesday morning. Yoga outside on the 4th of July, what a freeing and liberating way to start the day.

The class was led by Colleen Lagrasse. About 30 people showed up in Clinton Square, rolled out their mats and settled in for a 4th of July flow. The people, the space, the weather and the message was beautiful.

Class started off in a seated position where we focused on the three part breath, letting everything else drift away. We then set an intention for our practice and moved through a few sun salutations. Heat began to rise as we flowed through a series of standing and balancing poses; crescent lunge, warrior I, warrior II, chair, tree pose, eagle and half moon. After grounding ourselves in movement through this standing series, we moved onto grounding through seated postures; forward folds, baddha konasana, and legs up the wall. The flow was well-rounded and suited for all levels of yoga practitioners.

At the end of class, we had worked really hard and felt great. The body feels this great release, this feeling of liberation and freedom. We were given time to revel in this release as we laid in savasana, with the sun beaming on our sweaty faces.

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4 Reasons To Go To Un-Armed & Dangerous

The Comedy CNY Un-Armed & Dangerous Comedy Tour is coming up!

The Comedy CNY Un-Armed & Dangerous Comedy Tour is coming up! (more…)

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10 Things to Watch for at Boilermaker 40

Ahhh…It’s that time of year again and we’ve got a bad case of the runs.

Get it? Race pun.

The Boilermaker is the best race in America. Nothing, and we mean nothing, screams of “This is America” like the second Sunday of July in Utica, New York.

America, the beautiful #madeinutica

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Boilermaker 40 is kind of a big deal.

Obviously the race is huge for us here locally. The entire weekend is consumed by events leading up to the Sunday morning start. People line the streets, and we mean EVERY STREET, cheering on the runners. Coverage is shown on local television, a good portion on the runners are local, your name and time makes the paper.

I have a good story for every race I’ve attended, I once even watched a man propose at the post race party. Anyway…

Boilermaker 40 is a big deal, especially this year. There are a few things to look for and some cool new stuff to check out. Here is a guide for you via Jordan Peters at The Boilermaker, a true sponsorship and marketing specialist!

1. First, download the new (free) Boilermaker mobile app ASAP to stay updated on all Boilermaker events.

It also has other great features like Boilermaker selfies, merchandise discounts and much more. This is your handheld guide through Boilermaker week.

Big thanks to our app sponsor, Covey Computer Software for this one.

2. Look out for the Chobani Homestretch on Court Street.

Giving you that extra push over the finish line.

3. Boilermaker Expo Surprises

This will be our biggest and best Planet Fitness Health and Wellness Expo to date.

Be sure to check out:

  • Drone demonstrations by AX Enterprizes
  • Rockin Jump Fun Zone out on the quad
  • More food trucks, more vendors, more FREE samples!
  • Runner’s Forum including Olympic hero, Erin Hamlin (1:00pm, Saturday)
  • Carmella’s Café Pasta Challenge featuring local celebrities competing over the Colander Cup (12pm, Saturday)
4. The Unity Mile along mile 2 of the 15k course.

This stretch of the race will be packed with individuals and organizations that represent all the reasons why Utica is such a great place including organizations like the Ride for Missing Children and Upstate Cerebral Palsy to name just a few.

5. More wheelchairs athletes than ever before.

We’ll have over 40 wheelchair athletes this year and the prize money for the division has doubled so you can expect a more intense wheelchair race than ever before.

6. American prize money has been doubled!

So you can expect to see some of the best American distance runners in the country competing for the top spot. The race hasn’t had an American winner since Ed Eyestone in 1991.

7. Post-race entertainment is being turned up to 11 with a Showtime/Gridley Paige/Classified “supergroup” sharing the stage with disco diva Maxine Nightingale.

You might know Maxine from her hit song, “Right Back Where We Started From” featured prominently in the movie Slapshot.

8. Beer and sweaty bodies not your thing but still want to enjoy the post-race party?

Check out the Cliff’s Local Market Family Zone on the corner of Edward and Wasmer. No beer allowed here and there will be snacks, refreshments and family-friendly activities.

9. Free Tickets? Baseball?

Visit the Utica Blue Sox booth at the expo and get a FREE ticket to Friday night’s game against the Oneonta Outlaws.

Editor Note: Sorry, Hambone will not be making appearances at either event.

10. Have you heard about the Boilermaker Urban Initiative? If not, you will!

The Boilermaker is reaching out into the community in a way it never has before in order to be a year-round change agent for health and wellness. Our website has more information on the initiative and its programs.

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Chicken Riggies with Reel Utica Films

Chicken riggies are an awesome regional specialty from the Utica/Rome area in Central New York. This recipe separates the process…

Chicken riggies are an awesome regional specialty from the Utica/Rome area in Central New York.

This recipe separates the process into three main stages: The chicken, the veggies, and the cream sauce. This is for 1 pound of rigatoni pasta, but feel free to scale it up. Chicken riggies are one of those foods that taste better the next day.

Chicken Riggies Ingredients

  • Chicken – 1lb. (Breast meat is traditional, but I prefer thigh meat.)
  • Italian seasoning/Italian dressing
  • Mushrooms – 1lb.
  • Green pepper – 1
  • Onion – 1
  • Black olives – 1 can
  • Garlic – 1-2 cloves
  • Cherry peppers – 1-4 depending on how spicy you want. 1 is usually mild, 2 is usually medium, but spice level can vary a bit between cherry peppers. Also, use cherry peppers that have been canned with olive oil.
  • Semi-sweet blush wine – 1 ½ cups
  • Butter – 1 tablespoon
  • Heavy Cream – ½ cup
  • Romano cheese, grated – 1 cup
  • Tomato sauce – 4 oz.
  • Butter – 1/2 stick
  • Rigatoni pasta – 1lb.

Chicken Riggies Recipe

Chicken – Marinate chicken with Italian seasonings. Broil the chicken, dice it, and set it aside.

Veggies – Melt 1 tablespoon of butter in a pan over medium high heat. Add the mushrooms, green pepper, onion, and cherry peppers. Once those are almost finished cooking throw in the olives and garlic. Once the olives and garlic have warmed up a bit, put in the broiled chicken and add in the wine. Turn down the heat and bring the pan to a simmer.

Cheese Sauce – In a separate pan melt ½ stick of butter. When the butter is fully melted add in heavy cream, stirring often. Then add romano cheese. Once the cheese has fully melted add the tomato sauce.

Combine the two sauces and pour over al dente rigatoni. Enjoy!

This was a user submitted article from Reel Films Utica

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Meet The Brewers: Woodland Farm Brewery

The #MadeInUtica “Meet the Brewers” blog series is meant to introduce Uticans to craft beer breweries and enthusiasts. 

Meet the Brewers: Woodland Farm Brewery in Marcy, NY

Made In Utica has had a strong partnership with Woodland Farm Brewery in Marcy from the very beginning. We highlighted their brewery when they first opened, had a beer named after us and held the first ever Utica Passport Release Party there. We were thrilled when they reached out to us to help promote the Cask Ale Festival.

We love Woodland because of the great atmosphere and of course great, flavorful handcrafted beers – made using local ingredients. The owners live to enjoy the outdoors and drink a good beer. There’s always a friendly face behind the bar, a dog to pet and a new beer on tap.

We chatted with head brewer Keith for more details and a fun fact or two![/vc_column_text]

What will you be bringing to the Cask Ale Festival?

We have two pretty cool beers ready that have spent some time in used oak barrels that once held our barleywine (that we’ll be releasing soon). Prior to that they were bourbon barrels from Black Button Distilling.

One of the beers is our blueberry porter, Send More Chuck Berry, conditioned on extra blueberries and some secondary fermentation from wild NYS yeast from the blueberries themselves.

Our other beer is Lupulin Goodness, our juicy flagship IPA, that underwent secondary fermentation in the barrel with local honey, extra hops, and two additional yeast strains; brettanomyces claussenni and the saccharomyces formerly known as Brett bruxellensis trois. If you’re not a nerd, then all you need to know is this IPA is gonna be extra juicy and funky!

Describe your Brewery’s cask ale experiences.

From the get go, I knew we needed to have a cask program. In most beer-centric cities, casks are easier to come by but not so much in Utica. Our biggest goal is to serve beer the way it was meant to be served and to educate and expose people to cask.


Our first cask we put on was a scotch ale called Unite the Clans. We actually have one left that I’m holding onto for our anniversary!

My favorite casks are usually any of our IPAs that have conditioned on extra hops. I don’t think it gets any better than that.

What has it been like being a brewery in New York State?

This is an awesome time to be a farm brewery in New York. We get to work directly with a few different farmers and other small businesses like maltsters, cooperages, and distilleries.

It’s great to see the impact our business has on others and vice versa. It’s great to see so many options for people to be able to drink local no matter where you are in NYS. There are also so many more people getting into craft beer because of this surge in breweries opening. Our local community has been extremely supportive in rallying behind us and we’ve been able to turn a lot of people into craft beer drinkers!

What sets your Brewery apart?

I think the fact that we release new beers regularly sets us apart. I really enjoy brewing new recipes and playing around with different malts, hops, and yeast. Other than Karl the Great, our kolsch, none of our recipes have been brewed more than twice at this point. Another thing that sets us apart is our atmosphere. We’re family friendly, dog-friendly, and laid back. No tvs, no loud radios! People come to Woodland to enjoy beer, relax, and enjoy themselves.

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What’s a fact about your Brewery that’s not general knowledge?

Two of us owners are ordained ministers! AJ has webbed toes. Nick dyes his hair. I was in a Kiss cover band.  As far as the brewery, Karl the Great is named after my father who might not have been a Germanic king but he was a pretty great guy!


He’s baaaaaaaaaack! #woodlandfarmbrewery #karlthegreat #thinknydrinkny #100percentNYingredients #farmbrewery

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The Ingredients

woodland farm brewery

  • Brewery Address: 6002 Trenton Rd Marcy, New York
  • Hours of Operation: Tuesday-Thursday 12-9pm, Friday-Saturday 11am-10m, Sunday 12-8pm
  • Website
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook



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