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Fall & Letting Go.

Fall & Letting Go.

This morning I read this quote :  “Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.”

Much later this morning I took the dogs out for a stroll in the woods and as the leaves crunched beneath my sturdy and very fashion forward Birks, I remembered said quote. How ridiculous it is to say that a season is good for something so big, so vast, deep and wide. Why fall? Why am I thinking about a Twit quote right now?

Well. We all know the science of seasons.

As ridiculous as it sounds, I looked down and saw this gorgeous  honey brown leaf. It was speckled with green dots that had yellow ring around them. I picked it up and felt the smooth top side and stiff midrib. It felt as if it could have been plucked from a spring sapling, but here it was laying on the ground, waiting to dry to dust. Something about the leaf got me and the quote fell again into my brain. At some point, that leaf was an amazing part of a summer miracle.

How cliche, right?

At some point in life everyone has a summer miracle. A shiny, splendid thing that keeps them alive. But seasons happen in life and whatever was so wonderful has ceased to be. Trees drop leaves. Just as easy as a light breeze twisting its way through the branches, leaves depart. They silently fall to the ground and become something all together different. If trees can give up such an integral part of who they are because they no longer serve the purpose they were meant to serve, why can’t we? Why can’t we just as easily drop the things that are no longer for us?

If we want to get really into this analogy, we are a lot like trees. Strong, sturdy, deeply rooted in dirt. We cannot simply cling to our leaves once they die. Yes, of course, some ass is going to make a pine tree argument, and if that is your stance, ok. I’ll chop you down in a few months and string lights on you and you’ll feel worthy for a handful of weeks then we will throw you out with the garbage. I think people are better off being deciduous.

Let’s try it. Let’s just remember fall science, that things have to go. So let them.

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