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Downtown Getdown

Who The F Is Gibbz & Why Is He Coming To Utica

Gibbz Utica

You’ve probably heard, our Downtown Getdown is this weekend.

We’ve got stuff going on all day, a sweet Alley Shop and Music Showcase in Franklin Square from 12-4pm and tons more to see and do. We’re also throwing a Getdown w/ Gibbz Dance Party at the end of the night! With Thomas D opening, Mad Props photo booth set up, late night food from Nail Creek and the chance to party in the parking lot.

Gibbz Utica

Wait… this might be where you ask yourself, Who the F is Gibbz and Why Is He Coming to Utica?  Well, according to his bio…

GIBBZ is a renaissance man. After a childhood spent acting in C list horror movies and ballroom dancing, he received a “degree” from Berklee College of Music. There he focused on music production, aiding in his future full time position as an audio engineer. After 5 years on the road and in studios with international touring acts, he realized being an engineer is a thankless, miserable existence. Luckily, his path had led him to working for a crew that went onto form the Lowtemp record label, including Gramatik and Exmag. They convinced him that it’s OK to drink copious amounts of alcohol and make everyone within a 30 ft radius uncomfortable. Out of this drunken, obnoxious, offensive mess of a man, GIBBZ was born. GIBBZ can now be found singing and dancing to his own brand of electro pop, recently touring with the likes of Cherub, Ghost Beach and The Floozies.

As for why he’s coming to Utica…

I was introduced to Gibbz back in 2014 when he opened for Cherub at the Westcott Theatre in Syracuse.

Since then I have been a big fan of his music. It’s hard not to bop along to the beat or be in a good mood listening to Gibbz. His single Love Again was my #2 most-played song on Spotify last year, in between an embarrassing obsession with that Chainsmokers/Halsey banger and an old Garbage jam.

Gibbz Utica

And then, somewhere along the way, I discovered his social media accounts that are top-notch. His posts are full of not-at-all useful advice and Instagram stories of his kitties. And remember when faceswap on Snapchat was a really popular thing? Gibbz told his fans to send their best, and I did and well, I guess Gibbz really liked it….


A post shared by GIBBZ (@gibbzmusic) on

That’s when I was hooked.

One of his more recent posts was a Cut-and-Cover, where we can watch him cut his hair and cover MJ’s Rock with You.

So when it came time to plan the Downtown Getdown we knew we had to have him come up to Utica. We thankfully had amazing support this year that gave us the funds to make it happen. We know a lot of you don’t know him, but trust us. Gibbz is a good time.

Our Top 4 Miscellaneous Reasons for Digging Gibbz:

  1. He acted in Return to Sleepaway Camp, a horror flick with a 23% Rotten Tomatoes rating
  2. He’s bringing his full band to Utica to really jam
  3. He produced an album via kickstarter with the mission “Help me create and release my first full length album without the help of a greedy corporate fat-cat illuminati record label”
  4. He’s down with Chicken Riggies (provided to him at that Westcot show back in 2014)

So come down to Nail Creek on Saturday night and Getdown with Gibbz (and us).

It’s a party in the parking lot and it’s completely FREE.

Need more?

Thanks to those that made it possible to bring Gibbz to Utica –  AmeriCU Credit Union and Cornell Rust 2 Green and the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.

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