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Do It For Utica

Do It For Utica Weekend By The Numbers

do it for utica

This article was first posted on January 30, 2015.

AHL All Star Weekend has come and gone and at the end of it all we are extremely proud of “Do It For Utica” Weekend. In an effort to be totally transparent, we wanted to take a minute to break down some numbers.

Do It For Utica Weekend, where to begin?

Do It For Utica Weekend was originally scheduled for 3 days but we gained a day when a few area businesses decided to offer their deals on Friday. Simply put, we gave you 4 days to visit 22 local businesses offering 27 different $5 flat or BOGO offers.

And the Do It For Utica Weekend results were amazing…

4 local businesses sold out of their special…

  • The Topping Tree sold out of 5 products, to 28 local customers.
  • Nail Creek went through 30 pounds of Mussels, selling out in 2 days. To put that in perspective, they usually average 10 pounds a weekend.
  • Sammy and Annie Foods cleared their fried meatball supply on Sunday.

Oh and did we mention Holland Farms sold 1,000 half moons on Saturday? And another 1,000 on Sunday? Yeah we can’t take all the redit for that, but still…

Our email exchange with Holland Farms. We said we believed in total transparency.

Utica Coffee also reported some numbers. They sold 36 breakfast sandwich/coffee deals in 3 days. That’s an average of 12 per day, or over 1 per hour of operation. Oh and did we mention that they doubled dipped on the local support, the breakfast sandwiches came from Roso’s Cafe!

Do It For Utica Weekend on the web

After we announced the deals on this very website, had 1,496 page views in 24 hours. had 821 unique visitors with a total of 1,713 page views…in just 4 days. That’s an average of 205 unique visitors per day, 8.5 different people every hour for 96 straight hours.

At the time of writing this article there were 179 posts on Instagram, and that’s not even mentioning twitter. Then there was Facebook.

  • We reached 7,020 people when we posted a link to the deals.
  • 39 People shared that post directly off our page (countless others shared from there, thanks by the way).
  • It resulted in 384 new “likes” in one week.

We didn’t abandon traditional media for Do It For Utica Weekend, though

We’d be crazy to ignore our media outlets so we put together a press release and sent it out. We called in a few favors, hoping someone would bite. It worked.

  • We did 3 radio interviews with Talk of the Town, Big Poppa in the Morning plus Keeler in the Morning.
  • We scored 2 News Stories, one from WKTV and another from Time Warner Cable.
  • But our very favorite was the 1 Front Page Mention on January 17th edition of the Utica O-D.


So what, Do It For Utica Weekend was just trendy and social!

Maybe so, but we had 3 Local Politicians tweeting with the hashtag, including the mayor.


Plus a common council member that was retweeted by an assemblyman…


So all in all we wanted to take an opportunity to thank all of you for helping us make Do It For Utica Weekend a huge success. The increased exposure resulted in 5 new business directory listings and a a few new events being added to our calendar, all of which are free to use. We are doing our best to continue to serve the city the best we can and we wouldn’t even have the opportunity to do so without all of you. Things went so well, we are already being asked about what comes next! It’s a good problem to have…

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