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Conquering fear with Inner Genius

thicubator inner genius

A few months ago, I was let go from my job. You may have read my story as it was previously featured on Through writing about the experience, I came to realize that it’s not the end of the world if you lose your job, it’s just one door closing leading to another opportunity.

I was looking forward to this new opportunity but there was one problem, I was lacking motivation and inspiration. I needed something to help me achieve my goals – and that’s when I had a realization moment, “what are my goals and where do I go from here?”

Feeling lost yet again, I began looking for something that could help. And boom it was right there. In front of me on my Facebook feed, the thINCubator was hosting the Inner Genius program. I had a feeling this was what I needed so I signed up. Little did I know it was one of the best decisions I could have made, by investing in myself.

I remember walking into the first class feeling excited! Ready to go and regain control of my life but, by the end of the class I was left feeling of hopeless. After listening to everyone in the class talk about their ideas and dreams it hit me that I really didn’t know what I wanted.

As thINCubator Director Ryan Miller best put it, “I was a hot mess.” Well that’s at least how I felt.

I went in thinking I would get an immediate sense of what to do next and when it didn’t happen right away I felt like I let myself down. As hard as it was, I reminded myself that Rome wasn’t built in a day so I went back the following week and that is when the work began.

Every week we were given assignments that asked deep questions about our past, growing up, interests and dreams. At first it felt kind of silly reverting back to my past as a child. I thought, “how is this going to help me figure out my goals?” But, I decided to ignore that voice in my head and go with the flow.

It became hard and emotional digging into things we might have otherwise forgotten or just let go.

During the class, we didn’t have to share our discoveries with one another but we were encouraged to. I quickly discovered that by sharing I could get more out of the class. By talking about our experiences together, we could help one another.

After four weeks, it was time for the “F***it, Ship It” challenge.

This is basically where you say F*** It and breakthrough whatever it is that has been holding you back. When it came down to it, the ultimate factor that kept everyone from further pursuing their dreams was fear. By doing the “F*** It, Ship It” challenge you “just do it” and don’t think twice. Through this challenge our fears became our motivation. And with this knowledge I started implementing this way of thinking into other aspects of my life and I instantly started seeing a change. I used to allow my fear to turn me away from what I wanted but, now I’m using the fear to drive myself toward my dreams. And now, opportunities have begun knocking on my door. By the end of the class I received the job offer I had been waiting for all along…it just took some time and self-work to see that what I wanted was attainable. The Inner Genius program gave me the necessary tools to gain a better understanding of myself and develop a true sense of confidence.

thicubator inner genius

During the final class, everyone shared their future goals and how they planned to obtain them. It was enlightening to hear everyone’s inspirational stories and the journey they took to get to their realization. It’s crazy to believe that in five weeks people can create a game plan on how to achieve their dream but it happened. We created these goals and in the grand scheme of things some might be short term goals and others may be long term but, everyone had that light bulb moment and gained an understanding of how to achieve their dream.

The Inner Genius program at thINCubator has tremendously improved the way I think and how I view the world around me. Anything is possible and it’s up to ourselves to break the mold, conquer our fears and make bold moves.

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