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What to Know About the Utica Passport

Wow, we’ve somehow made it to the 4th Utica Passport. It’s our flagship, really. Without it we probably aren’t sitting…

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Wow, we’ve somehow made it to the 4th Utica Passport.

It’s our flagship, really. Without it we probably aren’t sitting here today. Here is a quick back story…

  • Our very first Utica Passport was in 2014 and ran from Fourth of July. We featured 10 businesses and distributed them to over 200 people. Not bad for the first time.
  • In year 2 we doubled the businesses and distribution, 20 businesses and 500 passports. This was the first year we extended the season to the now traditional dates of Memorial Day – Labor Day.
  • Last year was the most ambitious effort yet, 25 businesses, 26 deals and 1,000 Utica Passports. The cover was provided by our dear friend Maria Vallese (Retro Sorrento) and the interior pages were done by our dear friend Sarah from Adirondack Ink. Josh at Priceless Inspections really helped us out with that, looking at you prospective new home owners. We also hosted our first Utica Passport Party at Woodland Brewery who also made us a beer, “Made In Brewtica”. That beer is returning this year, by the way.

So here we are at Utica Passport year 4

We’ve taken elements from the 3 previous seasons and tried to find a happy, middle ground. The evolution of the Utica Passport has been customer driven so we want to create the best experience around your experience. We also want every businesses to benefit. They are offering free stuff and we need to do the best job possible to get your butts in their seats.

So what does this all mean?
Well, there are changes. Sorry, we believe in evolution.


What you need to know about the 2017 Utica Passport

How many copies of the #uticapassport will there be this year?

We are limiting the release to 500 passports firm. This is for a few reasons, we want our stuff in the hands of people who appreciate it. The Utica Passport has somehow avoided imitation. We feel by limiting the release, to only the most supportive of people, we can keep this a one of a kind thing for us (please, for the love of god Utica, don’t copy this).

How many businesses, and who, are in the Utica Passport?

We have 15 total businesses, we think people can visit all these places in the time given. But like every good game there might be a bonus level or something…

There are 10 returning businesses – The Tram, Nail Creek, Mangia Macrina and Utica Coffee Roasting have been in every Utica Passport. Saranac, The Utica Zoo and Utica Bread return for a 3rd year. Bite Bakery | Cafe, Woodland Brewery and Ocean Blue are returning for a second year.

There will be 5 brand new businesses – The Local Farm To Table, Sweet Escape Chocolate Lounge, Snacks at the Tracks, Baggs Square Cafe and Wanna Play Cafe are all new places for you to try this year.

To learn more check out our full directory and twitter list.

There is something free at every business!

Every offer is a buy one get one because we love you. This is a recommended two player game so bring a friend with you on some of your journey. You know, a Luigi to your Mario.

How do you play?

We want you to treat your #uticapassport like a game, a challenge. This “stupid little coupon book” (not our words), is intended for you to visit every business in the time given. Each offer is good for one use only, once you have redeemed your offer the participating business will mark the level complete and you move on the your next quest.

About the design

Our dear good friend Tim Schram designed your 2017 Utica Passport. We had a vision to create something with 8 bit design and a nintendo feel. Tim absoultely hit everything we wanted and more.

We want your Utica Passport to be something you keep and collect. Something that can be displayed proudly. We’re really happy with the work Tim did this year. I’m giddy just typing it.

How do I get the Utica Passport?

That’s called burying the lead. The Utica Passport is available now for pre-order. We are only releasing 500 this year so we encourage you to put your order in now to make sure you get one.

For complete transparency we distributed over 125 in 3 days to select customers only. 375 remain (click here to buy) as of Monday, May 1st.

If you pre-order the Utica Passport you have two different ways to get it. The first will be at our Passport Party. There you will be able to pick up your order a week before. If you can’t make the party we will ship all orders out on Monday, May 22nd.

So there will be a party again?

Another buried lead. We just want to make sure you read this whole thing.

So yes, stay tuned…

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