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Franklin Square Film Series

5 Facts About Our 5 Films Under The Stars You Didn’t Know

We’ve once again teamed up with our friends at Bite|Bakery and Nomad Cinema to bring back The Franklin Square Film Series for the summer of 2017 with more movies and more dates. All movies are FREE to attend but you should bring your own chair for seating!

The Franklin Square Film Series Returns in 2017

Have you heard? We’re making outdoor movies the hip thing to do again this year.

The Franklin Square Film Series returns on May 20th. We know, we know. Everyone is already talking about it. About how we are once again teaming up with our friends from Bite Bakery|Cafe and Nomad Cinema. About how the theme this year is ‘Films Under The Stars’.

But how about some stuff to talk about that nobody knows about?

Imagine this scenario

Everyone is enjoying a Utica Club or two. You and your friends are talking and you mention checking out this outdoor movie thing in downtown Utica. They maybe, at first, confuse it with other outdoor movies.

You say no.

You start listing off all the movies we have lined up. Now everyone is talking about all their favorites parts from all these great movies. Now you need a talking point, something to really impress.

This is a scenario that will happen to you all this summer. Here are 5 things you can tell your friends anytime someone brings up The Franklin Square Film Series. Don’t blow it.

Back To The Future – May 20

Films Under The Stars Fact – A studio executive thought people would shun a film with the word ‘Future’ in the title so he tried to change it to “Spaceman From Pluto” – Seriously.

Steven Spielberg (Executive Producer) sent back a note thanking the executive for the funny memo.

E.T. – June 17

Films Under The Stars Fact – The iconic shot of Elliott and E.T. flying across the full moon was mostly a “real” shot, except for Elliott and E.T.

It took weeks of maps and charts to coordinate right spot to film a low moon among trees. In the shot, Elliott and E.T. are puppets that were added with special effects in post-production.

Independence Day – July 22

Films Under The Stars Fact – Wait does this sound familiar?

Must Go Faster! Must Go Faster!” – the same line Jeff Goldblum used in Jurassic Park is the actual recording from Jurassic Park. The filmmakers loved the line so much, they snuck it into the finished film.

WALL E – August 19

Films Under The Stars Fact – A bit of a play off the Goldblum crossover. So many Pixar references, did you notice any? Hamm the pig and Rex the dinosaur in WALL·E’s truck or Skinner’s scooter Ratatouille and the Pizza Planet truck rusting in one of Earth’s trash heaps?

Also when WALL·E creates a statue of Eve, the lamp he uses for her arm is from Oscar-winning Pixar short Luxo Jr. but who has actually watched that movie? I haven’t but I’m sure it is indeed a fact. I guess you’ll have to come watch to find out.

Guardians of The Galaxy – September 16

Films Under The Stars Fact – Star-Lord’s ship is named the Milano after Alyssa Milano. Writer and Director of the film, James Gunn, had a childhood crush on Alyssa Milano, like ALL OF US.

This is a bonus fact, in a way, you can continue the conversation with your friends…Who doesn’t love Alyssa Milano?

Everyone does…

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