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Losing Your Job is Not That Bad

losing your job

Losing your job is something that almost everyone seems to experience in their life.

It’s not a pleasant situation to be in but, I don’t think it’s necessarily negative. In fact, losing one’s job could be an opportunity to start something new or reignite a lost passion.

Upon receiving this unwelcoming news, my first initial reaction was shock then, panic which ultimately turned into fear of the unknown. For the first time in my life, I had no idea where I was going. I felt lost.

Flash-forward to now. After a few weeks of late night job searching, countless hours of yoga, and nonstop thinking, I finally feel like I’ve reached an epiphany.

It finally hit me. Maybe I wasn’t necessarily happy with the path I was going down and maybe, just maybe, things really do happen for a reason.

losing your job Instead of dwelling on what could have been or what I could have done to change things, I’m deciding to let it go. I am moving forward with confidence in myself to conquer my fears and step into the unknown. Yes, I may face rejection and it will take time but, I will keep pushing past obstacles until I find what I know is right for me.

It’s within this time of reflection, I have realized I have a lot on my mind and sharing these thoughts with others can help bring people closer together and help them move forward with their own struggles. I’ve always loved to write but I’ve spent so much time procrastinating. I told myself, “this isn’t the right time,” or “I’m not in the mood.” This ends today and going forward I want to fuel my passion and write. I want to share my experiences with this community and anyone else interested in what it is that I have to say.

I am excited to be a new contributor to Stay tuned for more!

And for everyone who is struggling with losing your job or it could be that luck just isn’t on your side… Stay strong, positive, and believe in yourself. You are the transformation you are seeking.

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Nichole Grant

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