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Hank and Cupcakes Thrill at Nail Creek

Hank and Cupcakes Thrill at Nail Creek

Everyone loves cupcakes so who doesn’t love Hank & Cupcakes!

The electro pop pair who currently call Atlanta, Georgia home stopped by Nail Creek and gave an electrifying performance. Originally from Israel, husband and wife duo Ariel “Hank” Scherbacovsky & Sagit “Cupcakes” Shir made their way to Brooklyn in 2008 to progress their music career. Since then, they have evolved into the successful eccentric independent artists that they are today. No strangers to the area, Hank & Cupcakes have been visiting for years and were greeted by many excited fans (myself included), ready for them to get the party started!

I had some time before the show to talk to Hank & Cupcakes. With each performance, they bring a vibrant energy that radiates through the crowd. I asked them where this energy comes from and Hank said, “Every place has a different energy and we feed off that.” It seems that energy is a key factor behind their music and that is what is there driving force, seeing their fans energized and happy. “Were really looking forward to a fresh energy and were happy to be here in Utica, it’s one of our favorite cities and the last time I was here I was very pregnant and I’m not anymore so I can go crazy like I usually do,” said Cupcakes.

Along for the tour is the couples four-month year old daughter Sasha. Cupcakes confessed that it’s been a lot of fun touring with her daughter. Although she doesn’t attend the shows she does know her parent’s music well. Cupcakes noted that Sasha could hear her parents jamming out while still in the womb.

During my time talking to Hank & Cupcakes, I wanted to know how they felt about their success over the years and the answer I received was genuine to who Hank & Cupcakes are as musicians. According to Hank & Cupcakes, “Success feels like a point of arrival and we don’t necessarily perceive it as success, we think of it more as where we are going to go.” When it comes to being on tour it seems like Hank & Cupcakes are always thinking their fans and this time was no different than any other.

As far as performance venues, Hank & Cupcakes don’t seem to have a preference. All that matters is that their fans are there. “It’s always about the people and all of the venues we play are great but when it really comes down to it, it’s about the people, that’s what makes a great show.” Hank & Cupcakes were thrilled to be playing at Nail Creek and they said everyone there is always very friendly and welcoming and they were happy to be back. However, Cupcakes did confess that one of their favorite “OG” venues to play in the past was the Electric Company.

The show featured songs off their most recent album Cheap Thrill, released in 2016. From the start of the show, to the very end, there was not a single person standing still. While Hank jammed out on the base, creating an intriguing mix of electronic effects, Cupcakes dominated on the drums while singing with a powerhouse energy that had everyone jumping. It’s hard not to get caught up in the moment, let loose and dance to the electricity that is Hank & Cupcakes!

Before Hank & Cupcakes made their headlining debut, a local band from Syracuse, that goes by the name of Professional Victims, took the stage first. The band is an electric alternative rock duo comprised of band members Ashley Cox on keyboard and vocals and Shawn Sullivan on Guitar and vocals. The Professional Victims started the show on the right note with dream like songbird melodies from Cox and show stopping guitar riffs from Sullivan. The crowd was instantly drawn in by the electric vibes and video footage of mesmerizing images that complemented each song.

Overall the show was a mind-blowing experience for all who attended. And for those of you who can’t get enough of Hank & Cupcakes they’ll be back very soon with another performance set for August 3rd at 9 p.m. at the Gig at Turning Stone Resort Casino.

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