Everything Old Is New Again at John Devereux’s Tavern

Call it what you want – The DEV, The Devereux, or it’s given name, John Devereux’s Tavern – the pub a...Read More

A Quick “Snack” at Gerber’s 1933 Tavern

Happy Friday, Uticans!  It’s hard to believe July is almost over and we’re getting in the homestretch of summer.  There’s sti...Read More

Relaxed But Classy Dinner At Ancora

Bias alert: Ancora is one of our FAVORITE’S in Utica.  It is definitely Rick’s favorite hands down, and definitely in my top ...Read More

Treat Yo Self at Tailor and the Cook

Sometimes you just need a great, top notch meal to relax and end your week. Something to look forward too during the long wor...Read More

Date Night at the Ambassador Restaurant

That’s right, the Hungry Uticans are back in action for 2017! We may have taken a hiatus during the fall/winter/summer months...Read More

Gelato tasting with the Jones Family Farm

Five years ago, while I was working as a reporter at the Times Telegram in Herkimer, I covered a story featuring the Jones Fa...Read More

Utica Pizza Birthday Challenge

What better way to host a birthday party than with a Utica Pizza Tasting Challenge? We got five small pizzas with different t...Read More

Delicious Focaccia Sandwiches from O’Baby’s

O’Babys Gourmet Pizza and Sandwich Shoppe makes DELICIOUS focaccia sandwiches. Who doesn’t love a good bread?  As a carb-o-ho...Read More

Cooking Riggies in a ’59 Streamline Trailer…in Utah

I thought I saw a lot of snow on my two week vacation in Utah last month. Then there was Stella.

Eat Until You Hate Yourself at Phoenician

Happy New Year from the Hungry Uticans! I know, I know – we’ve been majorly delayed in our restaurant recommendations. ...Read More

Sometimes it is perfectly acceptable to eat an entire pizza yourself

For those of you living under a proverbial rock, Utica’s favorite pizza truck, Mangia Macrina, recently opened their brick an...Read More

Margaritas and Tex Mex

WHEW! It’s been awhile since the Hungry Uticans has come out, and I apologize to our readers.  

OG Italian Food at Chesterfields

Chesterfields is one of the OG’s of Italian food in Utica. It’s also one of Rick and my favorite places to chow down after a ...Read More

Old School Bar & Grill

We’re baaackk! I know, it’s been awhile. Summer is crazy, as always!  We’ve been eating just as much as usual, it’s just the ...Read More

Ocean Blue Brunch

Sometimes you just need to have this kind of day… Rick and I decided to do just that at Ocean Blue last Sunday for brunch.  B...Read More

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